Silver oak

Grevillea robusta



General Information :

  • It is a deciduous medium-sized
  • Crown conical, dense, with branches projecting upwards.
  • Bark dark grey to dark brown, inner bark reddish-brown.
  • Its flowers are golden-orange bottlebrush-like blooms.
  • Fruits are leather follicles dark brown in color with 1-2 flat winged seeds.

Distribution :

  • Exotic to India
  • Commercially  cultivated in hilly regions of India

Habitat : Tropical and Deciduous forest

Soil : Alluvial soil and Loam soil

Altitude :Up to 2300 m(MSL)

Rainfall :600-1700 mm

Temperature : 23°C to 31°C

Terrain : Hilly terrain

Tree Characteristics :
  • Light demander and  resistant to frost 
  • It is poor coppice
  • Seedlings are fire tender.

Habit : Semi deciduous tree

Planting Guidelines

Growth : Moderate

Height : 30-35m

Natural Regeneration :

  • Natural regeneration is not satisfactory 

Artificial Regeneration :

  • Propagated by direct sowing  and nursery raised seedlings.

Seed collection and Storage :

  • Collection of seeds by cutting the branches.
  • Seed storage behavior is orthodox
  • Germination percentage is 60-80%
  • Seeds were maintained for 4 years in commercial storage conditions;
  • There are between 24,000 and 105000 seeds/kg.

Seed Treatment :

  • No pretreatment of seed is required.

Nursery Technique :

Direct sowing:

  • Seed sowing is done in mother bed during November -December.
  • While showing seeds are mixed with ash for uniform distribution.
  • Germination starts in about 10 days and is completed in a month.
  • One month old seedlings are transferred from mother bed to poly bags

Plantation technique :

  • Planting is carried out during onset of monsoon season.
  • In high rainfall areas .planting of naked seedlings gives satisfactory results.
  • 30cm3 pits are used for planting.
  • Spacing of 3 m x 3 m is adopted . 

Care & Disease Control :

  • Pruning and soil working should be done periodically based on the growth conditions.                

Irrigation :

  • Does not tolerate water logging
  • Average Water Needs regularly, do not overwater

Recommended Harvest :

  • 10-15 years

Yield :

  • Approximately 150-200 tons/ha*
*Subject to varry according to site factors.

Agro Forestory :

  • A deep rooting system causes little interference with shallow-rooted crops, and it can be successfully intercropped with banana, tomato and other agricultural crops. 
  • This is a well known shade tree in coffee and tea plantations.

Major uses :

  • Timber is used for building such as studs, plates, flooring , plywood and veneer manufacturing
Gum or resin:
  • By virtue of their solubility, viscosity and relatively high resistance to hydrolysis, G. robusta gums may have some industrial applications.                          
Shade or shelter:  
  • This is a well-known shade tree in coffee and tea plantations.
  • Its spreading branching system makes it ideal for windbreaks or shelterbelts against wind-induced mechanical damage, high rates of transpiration and surface evaporation.

Market details :

  • Approximately Rs.4000 – 4500/ton*
*Subject to change according to market demands