Amirta-palam / Kattu-nelli

Phyllanthus emblica



General Information :

  • Medium sized Deciduous trees
  • Bark grey-brown in color.
  • Leaves simple, alternate closely overlapping light green in color.
  • The flowers are greenish-yellow in color
  • The fruit is nearly spherical, light greenish yellow with six vertical stripes.
  • The tree is considered sacred by Hindus as God Vishnu is believed to dwell in it.
  • The tree is worshiped on Amalaka Ekadashi.

Distribution :

  • It is widely spread and cultivated across all parts of India.

Habitat : Deciduous Forest

Soil : Wide range of soil

Soil pH : 8

Altitude :Up to 1,800 m (MSL)

Rainfall :1500-2500mm

Temperature : 20 - 29°c

Terrain : Plain/hilly

Tree Characteristics :
  • Strong light demander.

Habit : Deciduous tree

Planting Guidelines

Natural Regeneration :

  • Naturally regenerated by seed.

Artificial Regeneration :

  • It can be started from seeds, from budding or air layering. But the better option is to buy a grafted tree from a nursery.

Seed collection and Storage :

  • Seeds are collected from June to August.
  • Fresh Fruits on collection should be depulped and shade dried.
  • Seed weight is 3300-5000/kg.
  • Seed has less viability

Seed Treatment :

  • Hot water treatment for 5 min.

Nursery Technique :

  • The seeds are sown in well-prepared nursery beds.
  • Later a thin layer of soil is spread to cover the nursery beds.
  • Appropriate moisture is maintained in the beds till the seeds have germinated.
  • Two leaf stage seedlings are transplanted in poly bags and maintained d in nursery for 6 months.

Plantation technique :

  • Planting is done during July-Augus.
  • Spacing adopted is 6 x 6 m in pit size of 30 cm3 or 45 cm3.

Care & Disease Control :

  • Irrigate the plants initially for establishment.
  • No irrigation is required during rainy and winter season.
  • Drip irrigation is appropriate which can save water up to 40-45%.

Irrigation :

  • Basin system of irrigation.
  • Irrigation at 15-20 days interval is desirable in dry summer.
  • Do not require irrigation in normal soils.

Recommended Harvest :

  • 10 – 12 years.

Yield :

  • Fruit Approximately 100 kgs/tree.

Major uses :

  • It is effective in the treatment of peptic ulcer, dyspepsia, jaundice, leucorrhoea / Pradara, dibetes etc.

Other uses :

  • The dried leaves are sometimes used as fillings in pillows.
  • A most curious custom is the making of simulated pottery jars from a paste of the boiled fruit, the surface being decorated with impressed coloured seeds.
  • It produces a good quality charcoal.

Market details :

  • Approximately Rs.100 to 120 / kg fruits.