Small-leaved Mahogany

Swietenia mahagoni (Linn.) Jacq.



General Information :

•    Mahogany is a deciduous tree that can grow up to 30 meters tall with a large, spherical crown that cast a dense shade.•    The leaves are brilliant emerald in color and value for its ornamentation.•    Flowers scented and greenish yellow in color.•    Seeds are capsuled and winged at one end.

Distribution :

  • Mahogany is widely distributed in almost all the parts of India.
  • It grows mostly in the valley at lower elevation.

Habitat : Deciduous and Semi deciduous forest.

Soil : Occurs in red lateritic soils and dry sandy soils.

Altitude :Up to 1150 m(MSL)

Rainfall :1200-1500 mm

Temperature : 16-32 degree celsius

Terrain : Plains/hilly

Tree Characteristics :
  • Very sensitive to shade and adverse conditions.

Habit : Broadleaf Evergreen Tree.

Planting Guidelines

Natural Regeneration :

  • Regeneration is obtained in abundance under the mature mother tree.

Artificial Regeneration :

  • It is propagated by Nursery raised seedlings.

Seed collection and Storage :

•    Mature fruits are collected from the trees when they are about to dehisce dried in the sun to free the seeds.•    Seeds cannot be stored under ordinary condition for more than 3-4 months. •    Fresh seed germinates 60 - 90%.

Seed Treatment :

  • No treatment is required.

Nursery Technique :

•    Seeds sown in drills 2-4 cm deep at a spacing of 5 x 7.5 or 10 x10 cm in shaded nursery beds. •    About 140 gms of will be required •    Germination begins after 14-28 days. •    The germination ranges from 20-40%. •    Seedlings attain the height of 60-75 cm in 6 months.

Plantation technique :

•    Prior to planting Mahogany must be ensured that the selected site is well thoroughly cleared of weeds.•    Dig pit of size 45 cm3. •    A pit mixture of 200gms of decomposed organic manure (FYM or compost), de oiled Neem cake and Top soil (kept aside during digging of the pit.) at the ratio of 2:1:1can be applied to each pit.•    The pits must be filled at least 2weeks before planting, to allow for the pit-mixture to settle. •    The recommended spacing for the plant is a square or triangular grid type with dimension of 6.0 X 6.5 ft.•    Watering has to be done immediately after planting. •    During the first two week watering should be done alternate day. Subsequently, irrigation can be done once in 3 to 4 days depending upon the soil and weather conditions.•     In non-irrigated lands micro-irrigation systems are recommended.

Care & Disease Control :

•    Fertilizer should be applied in 8 split doses. •    First year N: P: K (17:17:17) & Micro Nutrients 200gms. / Plant / month, except dormancy (Dec - Jan) period. •    Every month this has to be split and applied through pocket manuring by making 1 ft hole near the plant .•    Apply the fertilizer in the hole and fill it with soil.

Recommended Harvest :

•    10 years•    The number of trees per acre is 1200-1500.

Yield :

•    For 1500 trees per acre timber yield will be 36000 Ctft under intensive management.

Major uses :

•    Mahogany is a kind of wood — the straight - grained, reddish - brown •    Mahogany is a commercially important lumber prized for its beauty, durability, and color,•    It is used for paneling and to make furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items.

Other uses :

Other Uses· An oil can be extracted from the seed kernels which might be of some commercial value. · The bark is a source of tannins and has been used for dyeing.The crushed fruit shells have been used as a potting medium. · The heartwood is reddish or pinkish, the colour darkening with age to a deep red or brown; it is distinctly demarcated from the up to 40mm wide band of usually yellowish sapwood. 

Market details :

  • Rs.3100/ ton and Rs.500/Sft