Wodier / Uthi

Lannea coromandelica



General Information :

  • It is a moderate to large sized deciduous tree with spreading crown.
  • Bark grey to black in color with silvery grey  patches.
  • Leaves are long green in color.
  • Flowers small and
  • Fruit is a drupe dull red in color.

Distribution :

  • It is found throughout the hotter parts of India.

Habitat : Deciduous Forest

Soil : Prefers a deep loamy or sandy-loam soil with good drainage. It also occurs on shallow bouldery, clayey and calcareous soils.

Soil pH : 4.5 - 8

Altitude :Up to 1,800 m (MSL)

Rainfall :750 – 3800 mm

Temperature : 37 - 47°c

Terrain : Plains/gentle slopes

Tree Characteristics :
  • Strong light demander.
  • Resistant to fire and drought.

Habit : Deciduous Tree

Planting Guidelines

Natural Regeneration :


  • Naturally propagated by seeds which are not satisfactory.

Artificial Regeneration :

  • Propagated by Nursery raised seedlings.

Seed collection and Storage :

  • The seeds are collected from may- June.
  • The seeds are cleaned, dried and stored in gunny bags.
  • Seed viability is very low.
  • Seed Rate 7500 – 10500/ kg.
  • Germination capacity 45 – 65 %.
  • Plant percent is 14 – 20.

Seed Treatment :

  • No seed treatment is required.

Nursery Technique :

  • Fresh seeds are sown in Nursery beds and covers with soil.
  • The beds are watered regularly and kept weed free.
  • Germination starts in a week and completes in 4 week.
  • Two leaf seedlings are pricked in poly bags and maintained in nursery for one year.

Plantation technique :

  • Pit size of 60 cm3 with spacing of 3 m x 3 m or 5m x 5 m can be adopted.

Care & Disease Control :


  • Routine weeding and Soil working is necessary.

Irrigation :

For proper growth and survival it is necessary to give one or two waterings after planting. This is specifically required in arid regions. Irrigation after planting is not a prerequisite in areas having sufficient soil moisture and precipitation. Higher survival rate and better rate of growth is reported when soil and water conservation measures are also adopted.

Recommended Harvest :

  • 25 - 30 years

Yield :

  • Gum of 5 kg in the first year of tapping decreasing to 1 kg in the fifth year.

Agro Forestory :

  • The plant can be grown as a hedge.
  • It is easily propagated by cuttings and so can be grown as a living fence

Major uses :

  • Wood is used for posts, light packing cases, carving and turnery articles.
  • The tree yields a good leaf fodder and lopped in many parts of India.

Other uses :

Other Uses The bark contains tannins. It is used for the impregnation of fishnets. A soluble resin, called 'Jingan gum' is obtained from the stems. It is used for calico printing; as a size for paper; for mixing with lime when whitewashing; protecting nets etc., It is obtained by making shallow, short cuts all over the bark.Especially after injuries of the bark and trimmings, masses of glassy-white exudate of hardening gum appear - which may give leafless trees an eerie appearance

Carbon stock :

0.172 tC/tree