Flame Tree, Mayirkonrai, Panjadi

Delonix regia



General Information :

  • Gulmohar is a moderate sized , fast growing deciduous tree with broad spreading umbrella shaped crown.
  • Flowers are flame red in color.
  • Pods dark brown and woody in nature with 5-10 seeds per pod.

Distribution :

  • It is native to Madagascar, introduced in India about 150 years back.

Habitat : Deciduous Forest

Soil : Tolerant of a wide range of soils.

Soil pH : 5 to 6

Altitude :Up to 2000 m (MSL)

Rainfall :700-1200 mm

Temperature : 24 - 36 °C

Terrain : Plain/hilly

Tree Characteristics :
  • The tree is a light demander

Habit : Deciduous Tree

Planting Guidelines

Natural Regeneration :

  • Natural regeneration by seeds is not satisfactory.

Artificial Regeneration :

  • Direct sowing.

Seed collection and Storage :

  • Ripe pods are collected in April -  May.
  • The pods are beaten up to extract seeds.
  • The seeds can be stored in gunny bag for long time
  • Seed rate 2100 – 3250/Kg.
  • Germination Capacity is 25 – 70 %
  • Plant Percent is 20-30
  • The seeds remain viable for more than 5 years

Seed Treatment :

  • Cold water treatment for 10 days gives 25 % germination.
  • Hot water treatment for 5 days gives 30 % germination.

Nursery Technique :

  • The seeds are sown in unshaded nursery bed in September – October.
  • Beds are watered regularly.
  • Germination starts in 12 days.
  • The two leaf stage seedlings are pricked out in polybags and maintained in nursery.
  • The seeds can also be directly sown in poly bags.

Plantation technique :

  • Planting out is carried out during July in 30 cm3 pits,
  • Under dry conditions, pit size of 60 cm3 with a spacing of 3x3 m.
  • Planting should be carried out after the commencement of monsoon.

Care & Disease Control :

  • Pruning should be done to develop a good crown structure

Irrigation :

For proper growth and survival it is necessary to give one or two waterings after planting. This is specifically required in arid regions. Irrigation after planting is not a prerequisite in areas having sufficient soil moisture and precipitation. Higher survival rate and better rate of growth is reported when soil and water conservation measures are also adopted.

Yield :

Rotation: 20 years - 440 kg/ Cum

Major uses :

  • It is extensively cultivated for shade and ornament in avenues and gardens throughout the warmers parts of India.

Other uses :

Medicine: Bark has medicinal property . Fuel: The large pods as well as the wood are used for fuel.

Carbon stock :

0.078 tC/Tree