Sapota , Chikoo

Manilkara zapota



General Information :

  • The sapodilla is a large, evergreen tree with dense crown.
  • Bark dark brown in color.
  • Leaves spirally arranged, clustered and glossy
  • Flowers greenish in color
  • Fruit an ovoid to globular berry with a rough brown skin

Distribution :

  • Native to Mexico and widely cultivated in India

Habitat : Tropical and Sub-tropical areas.

Soil : Soils can be well-drained, slightly alkaline, medium-textured loams.

Soil pH : 5.5-8.5

Altitude :Up to 2000 m.

Rainfall :1250-2500 mm.

Temperature : 30-35° c.

Terrain : Plains/gentle slopes

Tree Characteristics :
  • Frost tender and moderately drought resistant

Habit : Evergreen

Planting Guidelines

Natural Regeneration :

  • Naturally propagated by seeds under favorable conditions.

Artificial Regeneration :

  • It is propagated by air layering or goote layering, grafting and budding.

Seed collection and Storage :

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