Burma ironwood, Irul tree

Xylia xylocarpa



General Information :

•    It is a deciduous tree with a dense crown.•    Bark reddish grey in color•    Flower are pale yellow sweet scented•    Pods light brown with 6-7 brown color seeds.

Distribution :

•    Tree is native to India and scattered all over India.

Habitat : Evergreen and Deciduous Forest

Soil : Lateritic and shallow soil

Soil pH : 4.5-5.5

Altitude :Up to 600 m

Rainfall :1000-5000m

Temperature : 37 – 47° C

Terrain : Plain /hilly

Tree Characteristics :
  • Shade bearer and coppice well.

Habit : Deciduous Tree

Planting Guidelines

Natural Regeneration :

  • Naturally propagated by seed.

Artificial Regeneration :

  • Propagated byDirect sowing.

Seed collection and Storage :

•    Ripe pods are collected in March-April. •    Pods are dried in the sun and seeds are collected.•    Seeds are viable for 3 months only.•    Seed rateis 3300-4400 /kg. •    The germination percentage is varies from 30-95%.

Seed Treatment :

  • No pretreatment is required.

Nursery Technique :

•    Nursery raised seedlings do not stand planting out owing to injury to root system.•    Direct sowing is recommended.

Plantation technique :

•    Plantation land should be ploughed thoroughly.•    Seeds are son in patches at 2m intervals in rows and 3 m apart.

Care & Disease Control :

•    Plantation should be kept weed free for first 2 years.

Recommended Harvest :

  • 10-25 years

Yield :

  • 180-200 tons/ha.

Major uses :

•    It is heavy constructional timber used for railway sleepers, bridges, and wagon floor panel.•    Locally it is used for boat making, post, beams and fence post.

Other uses :

Bark : The bark and wood are a source of tannins . Trunk ; A red resin is obtained from the trunk , seeds : An oil is obtained from the seeds .

Market details :

  • Approximately Rs.2600 to Rs.3000/ton.